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in a better Position


We think backward at a level of
the actual user in their language.
In designing our bottle.


a.kobee bottles have two anti-colic vents.


Complete freedom from EDC and any other harmful chemicals through the commitment to absolute safe materials.
Si bottle
Our bottles feature a super wide opening so that you can easily clean them by hand.
Parts Bottle Nipple Cap Connecting Clamp
Material Silicone Silicone PP PP
Service Temp.
210C (410F) 210C (410F) 170C (340F) 170C (340F)
Direct contact
with the milk
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Parts Material Max.
Service Temp.
Direct contact
with the milk
Bottle Silicone 210C (410F) Yes
Nipple Silicone 210C (410F) Yes
Cap PP 170C (340F) Yes
Connecting Clamp PP 170C (340F) Yes
Si nipple
The most advanced silicone materials that has less than 0.5% of VOCs.

PPSU connector
Potentially removes all of the harmful elements by encasing the milk with silicone layers only.

Grid line
Over the years, we studied the best way to feed your baby.

Ergonomic grip
Provides nursing comfort by reducing strain on the wrist or hand even when held for a long time.


the process of breaking down food
by mechanical and enzymatic action
in the alimentary canal.
In designing our bottle,
we sought out to resolve
all existing
problems with standard
baby bottles. We placed smart,
dual air-vents
to prevent colic,
a truly wide-neck design.
to love&to hold
Our mission is to develop a feeding
bottle that caters
to your babys
motor and digestive needs.


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