Birth information

1 week baby


Until one week after birth, babies show various physiological changes that can only occur in normal newborns. At this time, it can be said that it is very important to distinguish between physiological changes and symptoms or abnormal findings caused by illness.


Congratulations. We sincerely wish you and your baby's health and congratulations once again to the members who have overcome the hard times. You are now a real Mom. A lovely baby born with difficulty, from now on, more important work remains to raise healthy and intelligently. Above all else, please take good care of yourself and eat well.


Congratulations. You have finally become the dad you've been waiting for. You've already said thank you to your wife again and again. Now, it's time to fully prepare your heart for becoming a good father. It's just a pretty and cute baby, but it needs a lot of parental support. After giving birth, the mother should pay attention to the best possible care, and the father is responsible for taking care of the baby. Early work is the default. For our baby, this period does not come back.

Family life

If you look at the face of a baby sleeping peacefully, doesn't it seem that all the pains of childbirth are forgotten? However, after the big task of giving birth, the mother's body is very tired. Still, it slowly recovers over time and returns to a certain extent after a month, so it is very important how you live for the first month after giving birth. Be familiar with life during the postpartum period and cautions for a healthy life with your baby.

Raising a baby

I wish you and your baby health. I sincerely congratulate you that you are now meeting the cute baby that has been raised by pampering and prenatal education. If you have a prenatal diary that you have used with your pregnancy, now is the time to change your title to a parenting diary. You've been writing a diary while imagining the baby in your stomach, but now, keep an eye on the baby's face and actions next to you and keep a journal of all the things that grow in the future.

Pretty mom

It is good to take a rest and relax for a week after giving birth to wash away the fatigue caused by childbirth, but from 24 hours after giving birth, moving little by little through the postpartum period gymnastics promotes the recovery of the body. In addition, you can take a simple shower 2-3 days after giving birth, so use a soft body care product to make it simple to finish without straining your body. Bathtub bathing is appropriate 6 weeks after giving birth when Oro completely stops, and take a shape-up shower to get a firm body.

Healthy food

Nutritional supply through food is the most important of all to deal with the weakened body after childbirth. In particular, breastfeeding mothers need to eat better than usual in order for their babies to grow stronger.